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Wood Selection for Amish Furniture
When you are ordering from Hope Woodworking, you get a great assortment in wood selection to construct your Amish furniture. It’s not always an easy decision; our woods are carefully selected to produce durable and beautiful pieces. Because all genuine Amish originals are crafted of real wood and also come in a variety of finishes, you have many customization options. All of the choices may seem overwhelming at first.  In the end, you will get the look and style that you want.

We only use solid American woods in all of our products.   Janka Hardness ratings are noted (higher number = harder wood). 

Amish Oak Furniture (also known as Red Oak) - This particular wood selection is commonly used for furniture, especially in the northeastern United States.   Strong, hard and attractive with a large variable grain pattern and a red hue.   It is one of the hardest woods; less likely to get dings.
Red Oak Janka hardness rating 1290.
Amish Cherry Furniture - Often imitated, and one of the most naturally beautiful hardwoods.  Used for fine furniture and cabinetry.   The natural coloring of this wood varies from light brown to dark reddish brown.    It has an irregular wood grain.  Looks excellent and a clear or light finish most accentuate its natural beauty.  Many people will get a clear finish and allow it to dark naturally over time. 
Cherry Janka hardness rating 995.
Amish Brown Maple Furniture - Often used to imitate cherry because it's grain pattern is more irregular.   With a dark stain you can achieve a cherry  look without the added cost.   ** Brown Maple accepts paint well and is our prefered wood for any painted items. As with cherry wood, brown maple can get more dings than oak but if it is a hung item, this shouldn't really matter.
Brown Maple Janka hardness rating 950.
Amish Quartersawn White Oak - Quartersawing a pieced of wood is cutting the piece at a 90 degree angle to the typical cut.    This process significantly increases the strength of the piece, tightens the grain pattern, creating a distinctive “Tiger” like pattern.   This helps reduce any warping, cupping, enables stains to adhere better and furniture made from it should last for generations if cared for.    The cost of this piece of wood is higher because less wood is yielded from a tree when cut this way. 
Quartersawn White Oak Janka hardness rating 1290.
Amish Maple Furniture (also known as White Maple) - A strong, dense hardwood.  Its color is light brown with a reddish cast the grain is usually straight.  This is a premium wood.  Not all of our amish woodworking furniture can be made in maple wood.   If you want an item in white maple but do not see it as an option, please contact us.
White Maple Janka hardness rating 1450.
Amish Hickory Furniture - This hardwood is very strong and very hard.   It has a brown to reddish brown color, with a straight, indistinct grain.  Hickory's beauty is best accented with a light or clear finish with a higher sheen/gloss.   Not all of our amish woodworking furniture can be made in hickory wood.   If you want an item in hickory wood but do not see it as an option, please contact us.
Hickory Janka hardness rating 1820
We hope our furniture and wood selection provides you with the inspiration to turn your home or office into an environment that provides comfort, function and a tastefulness that only Amish craftsmen provide.